Consulting Mechanical Engineers
333 North Glenoaks Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91502
Main Number: 818-237-4220
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Blueprint: A recognized industry term. But do we really mean "blueprint"? The reprographics process has long since been revised. Blue-lines are contemporary blueprints, yet we continue to use the old, familiar word.

Hellman Lober - 1958. Hellman / Lober, Inc. –1988. Hellman & Lober -2004. Same name, but we're different too. Now in our 46th year of engineering mechanical systems that longevity has placed us in the forefront of consulting firms. Our approach and designs are straightforward and reliable. How about sophistication? Direct Digital Controls. Variable water and air flow systems. Energy conserving engineering; all are considered contemporary approaches to the structures of today. Drawings in 1958 were prepared by skilled draftspersons. Today, drawings are electronically drawn utilizing highly advanced software programs resulting in greater accuracy and consistent quality. Calculations that previously were done by “hand” (pencil and slide rule or hand held calculators) are now routinely generated by computer using software to accurately model the building resulting in more precise heating and cooling load calculation.

Our presence has kept pace with an industry that has seen communications accelerate from postal service letters, to facsimile machines to electronic mail. Albert Hellman and Allen Lober began the two-man firm in 1958. With the passage of time, the firm has undergone changes. Allen Lober suddenly and tragically passed away in 1979. A few years later, Albert Hellman relinquished ownership to Stephen Hellman. On January 1, 2000 Malcolm Dann was made Vice President of the corporation in our continuing quest to provide the highest quality engineering and services to our clients. In 2002 Albert Hellman passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Our current staff of HVAC and Plumbing professionals includes P.E. registrations in California, Arizona and Nevada. Yet expertise accounts for only a portion of our success. Service sets us apart. Our clients are primarily repeat and long-term relationships. Management and staff of Hellman & Lober are team players dedicated to the Client to produce design solutions that meet the expectations of our Client and Owner's. In the generation that has seen blueprints develop into blue-lines, so has Hellman & Lober evolved. We've taken this opportunity to speak for ourselves. Give us the opportunity to let our talents do the same for you.

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