A few words about our services, and service: Whether the project is limited to schematic design, or full contract services, design/assist, or design/build, Hellman & Lober can handle the assignment. The expertise of Hellman & Lober's management and staff combined together to produce cost-effective, reliable and constructible designs. By listening and responding to our Client's needs, we are equipped to present solutions and ideas. Our Clients and our 46 years is a resource that is unparalleled in the industry.

Project design solutions are tailored to the needs of the building, the budget of the Owner and energy efficiency. California in its adoption of its own model energy codes, require additional software (EnergyPro) to demonstrate that the building (the mechanical systems AND the building envelop) complies with California 's Energy Standards.

New construction projects enjoy an allure in the industry and require attention to coordination of all related trades during the design process. Local Codes must be implemented, energy efficient consultation and imaginative design solutions are absolutely necessary in an era where Engineers are constantly being challenged by Architects of imagination. But restoration or retrofit projects require extraordinary expertise and patience.

HELLMAN & LOBER has for its entire career provided engineering services to the renovation and retrofit market and specifically the hospitality industry. Energy consumption represents a significant portion of the operating budget of a Hotel and for that matter all types of construction. Managing that consumption by modifying energy plants can usually be justified with a reasonable ROI (Return on Investment). Projects that affect the daily operation of the property cannot be shutdown to replace heating and/or cooling equipment; rather, the design and strategy must organize a methodology to continue uninterrupted operation while at the same time replacing equipment or controls that will improve the efficiency of the plant. Hellman & Lober has been entrusted with that charge on numerous projects including the Fairmont Hotels in Dallas, Texas and most recently at the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans (the first hotel in the nation that was air conditioned and heated and that same dual duct system continues to operate today; 100 years later) and the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston, Texas.

Job deadlines? We meet them. Coordination? It's a must or our responsibilities wouldn't be met. And, with the engineering and design phase complete, we tackle the challenge of construction administration. Scheduled or on-call, we are available for jobsite meetings and field observations to assure that the Client receives the products and quality consistent with the project.

Communications? In 1958 telephone and mail were the only choices. Today, mail, telephone, cellular telephone, facsimile, electronic mail, digital photography all play important rules in the constant communications necessary for coordination and inter-relationship with the Client and other Consultants.

Our knowledge of local, regional and national codes enables us to design a wide variety of mechanical systems. For your consideration, the scope of engineering services includes such systems as:

Sanitary and “Sovent” Waste and Vent
Storm Drainage
Sanitary and Storm Water Lift Stations
Potable Water Systems (inc. softening and RO systems)
Recycled Water Systems
Hot Water Systems
Natural Gas Systems
Propane Gas Systems
Steam and Heating Hot Water Systems for Space and Water Heating
Hydronic Heating Systems
Grease Exhaust Systems
Vapor Exhaust Systems
Ventilation Systems
Air Distribution Systems (Constant Volume, Variable Air Volume)
Chilled Water Systems
Chilled Water and Heating Hot Water Pumping Systems
Direct Digital Environmental Controls
Fire Standpipes
Automatic Fire Sprinklers
Fire Pumps
Stairwell and Vestibule Pressurization
Smoke Management Systems
Computer Room Air Conditioning / Dehumidification
Natatorium Ventilation and Air Conditioning

And, property assessment reports that include Due Diligence investigations of their property focusing on the Mechanical and Plumbing infrastructure is a key service to our Clients that own and operate elderly properties. Whether it's a specific system that has been targeted by the Client or it's a full property evaluation, development of a Report and Capital Expenditure Program is an integral part of the services we offer that help our clients manage their assets.

HELLMAN / LOBER, INC. are ready and prepared to offer the highest level of expertise for your project.

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