• Architect: Calvin Coatsworth Architects
  • Crosby, Texas

The Conference and Training Center resides on 265 acres and includes a 179,200 square foot 2-story Administration Building and 3-story Dormitory wings with 227 dorm units.

  • Administration Building
    • Grand Ballroom that is divisible into 8 Classrooms
    • 17 Meeting / Classrooms distributed over the 1st and 2nd Floors
    • Commercial Kitchen and Cafeteria Dining Room
    • 6,200 square foot Stationary Engineers Training Facility programmed for the 2nd Floor
  • Central Energy Plant
    • 12,380 square foot Plant that provides the heating and cooling distributed water systems for the Campus
    • Designed to function simultaneously as the Campus heating and cooling source and provide training for Stationary Engineering
  • 2-Story Shop Building – 18,420 square feet
    • Heavy-duty machinery maintenance and cleaning
    • Welding stations
    • 2-story Classroom element
  • Warehouse – 8,670 square feet
  • Two remote Site Classroom Structures
  • State-of-the-art Health Club – 3.250 square feet

The Mechanical & Plumbing Engineering Services 

 The Central Energy Plant distributes chilled and heating hot water to the Administration Building only.  The air distribution systems included rooftop air handling units with chilled and heating hot water coils that provide the necessary dehumidification control required for the climate zone and distributes conditioned air to the spaces via a variable air volume system complete with zone terminals.  Each terminal is fitted with a hot water source to assure that overcooling any zone will not occur. 

Demand ventilation is incorporated into the Grand Ballroom and the Meeting / Classroom spaces. 

The Administration Building and the contiguous Central Energy Plant is controlled by a direct digital control system that allows remote user interfaces to control all temperature demands for the spaces in the Administration Building; the DDC interface will be integrated into the Stationary Engineers training protocol to allow observation of the plant and campus heating and cooling functionality. 

The Shop Building spaces are heating and cooled with rooftop packaged Dx cooling units with rooftop boilers that provide a heating hot water distribution to the variable air volume zone terminals.  Rooftop packaged Dx cooling and gas heating units were provided for the Warehouse and the Site Structures are cooled with rooftop packaged Dx/electric heat units. 

Centralize domestic hot water heating recirculating systems are provided for the Administration Building that includes water treatment for the incoming water source.  Natural gas is provided for all the industrial heating equipment (domestic services and space heating systems) including cooking in the commercial kitchen. 

This video has been edited to showcase Hellman & Lober's work with courtesy of  IUOE, you can watch their full video here. For more information about their program please visit their website here.