I.U.O.E Stationary Engineer’s Training Center Punch List

We Pursue Excellence

As part of our client's services, we partner with the Contractor building the Project. That includes reviewing products to be installed, respond timely to questions that arise during the work (RFIs), and at the end of the work, we visit the site to observe the installation at substantial completion.

Our responsibility is to assure the Owner that the Contractor prosecuted the design that the Owner agreed. Equally important is to examine the installation's quality to confirm that the standard of care is appropriate.

The observation visit results are the Punch List that the Contractor will be obligated to implement before turning the finished Project to the Owner.



As part of the I.U.O.E Stationary Training Center, we created multiple variable air volume systems as a classroom tool to train future Engineer’s to diagnose and remedy air flow anomalies in buildings. The system includes terminals and air diffusers, all interconnected to a functioning air handling unit.

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