2022 Christmas Party!

We hope you enjoy the highlights of our 3rd Annual Office Christmas Party where we toast our professional colleagues, families and friends.  We had a lot's of fun learning around the world traditions.

We also express our sincere gratitude to the following clients and friends.

Vector Engineering Group
Jo Ann Rayner
Nathan Rayner
in memory of Brent Chester

Clinger Spina Architects
Daniel H Clinger
Daniel W Clinger
Robert Kutner
Richard Spina

HPI Architecture
Thomas Concialdi
Nicholas Weidner
Stephanie Lucero
Nancy Su
Barbara Gonzalez
Anthony Arena

Gregory Villegas
Dan Patton
Tamer Gergis

Axis / GFA Architecture + Design
Cory Creat
Shawn Alexander
Gene Fong
Kevin Sund
Stephanie Park
Matthew Johnson
Chunxiao Wang
John Skrivanich

The Boeing Company
Palmdale Boeing Team

Egan Simon | architecture
John Egan
Lance Simon
Rene Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rickey
Ashton Streit
Craig Hill
Felipe Becerra
Tom Denney


Alisa Lansdale - M3
Gabriel Avalos - SRK Architects
Hyomin Shin - HybridLink Consulting
Michael Kim - HybridLink Consulting

Dave Hellman -PCA Associates
Stephen Francis Jones - SF Jones & Associates

David Miller -Southwest Value Partners
Brent Zimmerman
Ted Roybal
Basil Behrman
Jim Balding

Lucy Macedo - Web Designer, Editor
Skyko Tavis - Composer, Filmmaker

Maddie Hellman - Loving Wife of 49 years

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2023!

Strad Films Production 🎬
Skyko - cinematography
Lucy Macedo - editor + graphics
Skyko - music editor