• Architect: Egan | Simon Architecture
  • Long Beach, CA

Renovation of a 13 Story Senior Housing Building that was originally constructed and operated as a 2-Pipe manual changeover heating and cooling system.  The building had chilled water and heating hot water plant on the roof but 2-pipes were distributed through the building to the Apartment fan coil units.  The building operator either enabled the heating system or the cooling system; both systems could not run simultaneously. 

H&L retrofitted the building preserving the 2-pipe distribution but converted the fan coil units to a proprietary SureFlow design that allowed 1 of the 2 pipes to be dedicated to the heating and the 2nd pipe dedicated to the cooling.  In lieu of thermostat-controlled valves, the fan coil units were fitted with small fractional pumps… the thermostat enabled the desired system flow to achieve simultaneous heating and cooling in the building.